Orthobiologics at Agility Orthopedics

Orthobiologics are a class of natural substances that include dextrose (sugar water), PRP (platelet rich plasma, derived from your blood), stem cells (taken from the bone marrow of your hip), and placental derivatives (donated by healthy volunteers after elective C-section) that aid in treating a variety of orthopedic conditions. These include tendon injuries, ligament injuries and early arthritis. These materials are frequently harvested from your own body to stimulate regeneration and healing, reduce pain, and promote better function of joints and ligaments.  Prolotherapy is the use of these materials via injection in the office.

Unlike most other physicians practices we are the only orthopedic practice in New England credentialed and certified to perform these procedures under ultrasound guidance.  This  ensures accurate placement of these healing agents, providing  the best chance of success.  Although not supplanting surgery, these new materials and techniques offer yet another cutting edge choice for patients when  standard treatments have failed to produce the desired result.

Agility Orthobiologics Providers