General Orthopedics at Agility Orthopedics

Injuries to your joints, ligaments, muscles and bones are a fact of life. Whether you've strained your shoulder pitching a softball, turned your ankle chasing the dog downstairs or need some new options for an arthritic knee, our experienced medical team of board-certified orthopedic surgeons and therapists will treat you with the latest procedures - and with the utmost care.

Interventions don't always involve surgery. In fact, treatment frequently consists of an injection, bracing, medication, further radiologic studies, rest or a course of physical or occupational therapy.

Foot & Ankle Surgery

Pain in the foot or the ankle can have a debilitating affect on your everyday life. Often, foot problems can be the root cause of injuries or arthritic conditions that affect the knee, the hip and other parts of the body. It is always best to have your foot evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon who is specially trained in foot and ankle problems.

Our orthopedic team includes expertise in foot and ankle care: physicians, physician assistants, athletic trainers, physical and occupational therapists. Working together, they coordinate the care that you need to recover from your orthopedic ailment. They will, literally, get you back up on your feet and moving comfortably in your sport or daily routine as soon as possible.

To learn more about your condition, and how our general orthopedic services can help you recover, contact your provider. You can also consult our Learning Center.

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