Carpal Tunnel Release

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Solid Gel
Solid Gel Not To Be Removed
Gel Pad Splint
Gel Pad Splint

2 days after your surgery, remove your dressing including the yellow sticky gauze which is directly against your wound. At this point, take your black gel pad splint and remove the white, hard plastic piece from the black pocket. This will make the splint more flexible. Do not try to remove the clear, solid gel in the palm of the splint. This is meant to be applied directly to your wound. There should not be any gauze or Band-Aid in between. If the gel becomes soiled, you can wipe with rubbing alcohol to clean. You may also hand wash the splint with gentle detergent and water and air dry. Do not machine wash.

Questions or concerns

  • If you have any questions or concerns either before or after your surgery, please call Sue at 781-279-7040, extension #466 during business hours.
  • If you have any concerns after hours or on weekends, call the office at 781-279-7040 and you will be connected to the on-call physician.