Agility Orthopedics in Stoneham, MA

For over forty years, our team has been keeping patients moving by providing outstanding orthopedic care. Our state of the art facility in Stoneham, Massachusetts has digital x-ray machines to minimize radiation exposure and an extended physical therapy department. From your initial consultation to healing and rehabilitating from your surgery, our team is with you every step of the way to ensure the best care possible.

Hand Surgery

The hand has numerous delicate muscles, tendons, nerves, and joints and when issues arise, they can have a huge impact on the day to day activities you carry out. Our hand surgery providers are trained to provide the best course of treatment that will suit you best.

Our hand team has treated the following (& many more) conditions:

Joint Replacement

Deciding on whether to get a joint replacement is the right course of treatment for you is a huge decision. Dealing with the pain and discomfort can become the norm for patients, but the relief after surgery is when most patients realize that they wouldn’t have dealt with the discomfort for as long as they did. Our joint replacement providers will work side by side with you deciding on the best course of treatment, the process of surgery, and your care in and out of the hospital.

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Rehabilitation Services

Physical therapy and occupational therapy are often the first course of treatment for most orthopedic ailments or injuries. Our extensive rehabilitation team can help you strengthen often neglected muscles, increase the range of muscles of your joints, and help get you back to your normal daily routine. Our patients need to be committed both inside our facility as well as at home with individualized home exercise to successfully complete treatment.

Our extensive rehabilitation team specializes in:

If you’re interested in meeting with one of our specialists, please give us a call at (781) 279-7040.