Agility Orthopedics in Lynnfield, MA

Known for being friendly and cultural, the town of Lynnfield is an active community that enjoys volunteering and making the area more enjoyable. Primarily a residential community, there are several small businesses in Lynnfield along with two major highway systems that make accessing educational and employment opportunities, as well as healthcare, easier. With a newly expanded physical therapy department within our state-of-the-art orthopedic facility, Agility Orthopedics has been the number one choice for orthopedic services for the residents of Lynnfield for over 40 years.

General Orthopedics

Injuries are a part of life and when they happen, you want to know that there is a team of board certified doctors behind you to help get you back on your feet and moving as soon as possible. Although not all injuries require surgery, our general orthopedics team will work with you to find the best course of action whether that is an injection, rehabilitation (physical therapy and/or occupational therapy), bracing, or medication.

Occupational Therapy

Focusing on the ability to carry out everyday activities after an injury or ailment, our occupational therapists will work with you to ensure maximum functional independence across all environments.

If you reside in Lynnfield, MA and want to make an appointment with one of our specialists, please give us a call at (781) 279-7040.