The Latest Edition of the Agility Magazine

Agility MagazineIt is my pleasure to introduce the release of the most recent edition of the Agility Magazine. This edition features our team of Physical and Occupational Therapists. At Agility Orthopedics we have a team of 7 physical therapy professionals who work closely with our orthopedic surgeons to provide you with the care you need to recover from your orthopedic ailment. Also, we have two occupational therapists that work closely with Sohail Husain, MD to assist you in the recovery of your upper extremity ailments.

One important thing that is not widely known is that patients who need physical or occupational therapy can come directly to Agility with a referral from their PCP and do not even need to have seen one of our orthopedic surgeons. Our patients can go anywhere they wish for their rehabilitation needs, but Agility provides a full complement of skilled professionals.

This edition of the Agility Magazine also features articles about the use of Ultrasound in Orthopedics by Christian Andersen, MD and an article entitled ACL Injuries – Implications for the Female Athlete by Abraham T. Shurland, MD. We hope you find the magazine to helpful.

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