Our Spine Team Stands Ready to Help You

Dr. Rogerson Cover
Ashley Rogerson, MD – Brett Healey, PA-C
Ashley Rogerson, MD
Ashley Rogerson, MD – Orthopedic Surgeon
Sameer O. Kapasi, MD
Sameer Kapasi, MD – Physiatrist

Agility Orthopedics has a Spine Team to help you recover from your neck or low back issue. Ashley Rogerson, MD and Sameer Kapasi, MD are two important members of that team.

Dr. Rogerson is an orthopedic surgeon who trained at Tufts Medical Center with a spine fellowship from the Massachusetts General Hospital. She is on staff at Tufts Medical Center and Hallmark Health. Dr. Kapasi is a physiatrist who trained at the New England Baptist in pain management for spine conditions. He is also on staff at Tufts Medical Center and Hallmark Health.

Patients with spine problems can register at Agility Orthopedics and be treated as necessary starting with a musculoskeletal evaluation performed by our orthopedic clinicians, proceeding to physical therapy and then if necessary to pain management with Dr. Kapasi. Spine surgery with Dr. Rogerson is available for those who do not progress with conservative treatment.