Orthopedics Surgery Inc. is now Agility Orthopedics

Agility Orthopedics - keeping you movingThe physicians at OSI are pleased to announce that Orthopedic Surgery Inc., a group of orthopedic surgeons that has served the Greater Boston North Region for over forty years, has changed its name to Agility Orthopedics. Dr. Shurland, once an assistant orthopedic surgeon with the Boston Celtics, and Dr. Andersen, a veteran of the first Gulf War, have served patients from Hallmark Health and the Winchester Hospital throughout their careers and are pleased to have a name that better portrays what they do. Dr. Shurland describes, “We think our new name better represents our commitment to keeping people active. I think some of our prospective patients saw the word surgery in our old name and may have been frightened or thought, perhaps, that we only did surgery. In reality, the majority of our patients do not need surgery. We, actually, consider all non-surgical options first and do everything we can to help our patients avoid surgery.”

Over the past several years the practice has gone through a period of unprecedented growth in both their physical environment and their team of clinical providers. With the recent addition of Christopher Baker, MD, an orthopedic surgeon with special training in foot and ankle surgery, Agility Orthopedics, located on Montvale Ave in Stoneham, is able to meet the orthopedic needs of the community. Dr. Baker is the only fellowship trained foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon available to serve patients in the Hallmark Health and Winchester Hospitals. Also, Dr. Baker served our country as an orthopedic surgeon during his deployment to Iraq with the US Army.

Dr. Andersen states, “Our patients benefit from our ability to take onsite digital x-rays, provide patients with physical and occupational therapy, and work with a fantastic team of clinical providers who understand that patients want to have timely appointments for their orthopedic ailments. Also, our physicians have recorded podcasts and made these audio messages available through our website to help educate patients about their conditions and the surgery they may be preparing for.”

Changing the name to Agility Orthopedics has not changed their emphasis on providing patients with timely access to outstanding patient care.