Now Offering Telemedicine Appointments

We are now offering telemedicine appointments, in addition to in-person appointments, to help you recover from your injuries, joint problems, sprains and strains. Our orthopedic, pain management, physical therapy and occupational therapy specialists are here during regular business hours to help you with your needs.

How does Telemedicine work?
Telemedicine is a virtual appointment that allows you to communicate directly with a member of our team using video and audio.

At Agility Orthopedics we are using, a HIPAA compliant tool that you log into from your phone, computer or tablet. Your doctor will “meet” you there and can communicate with you in real-time. The doctor is able to share his screen with you to review your X-ray/MRI and lab results.

If we determine that a Telemedicine appointment will meet your needs, a member of our team will provide you with instructions and access information.

Currently, telemedicine appointments are covered by insurance. Governor Baker and the federal government have made this option more accessible by working with health insurance companies.

Even during these challenging times, you have options and we are pleased to now offer telemedicine appointments. We are open and our teams are available during regular business hours at our Stoneham and Malden locations to help you.

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