Day Surgery

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Keep your hand elevated as much as possible for about 48 hours following your surgery. Be sure your hand is above your elbow and your elbow is above your chest for maximal swelling reduction.

Dressing removal

  • Keep dressing/splint clean, dry, and intact until your follow-up appointment. Contact my office is you have any problem with your dressing.
  • Two days after your surgery, you may remove your own dressing including the yellow sticky gauze which is directly against your wound. You may either leave the wound open to the air or cover it with dry gauze and tape (may be purchased at any pharmacy). Please do not use regular Band-Aids as they keep your wounds moist and can delay scab formation.


  • You may shower or bath but please keep your wound/dressing dry by keeping it out of the water and keeping the area covered with a dry towel covered with a secured bag to prevent soaking the surgical site.
  • You may shower and get your wound wet beginning 2 days after your surgery. It is okay for clean running water to run over the wound. Please do not soak the wound in bath water or any dirty or standing water (e.g. dirty dish water/swimming pool water) until follow-up. Remove your dressing, shower, then pat your wound dry gently, replace a clean dry dressing if the wound is draining or leave open to the air if the wound is dry.


  • Your follow-up appointment is usually scheduled for about 2 weeks following your surgery. If you do not have or do not know when your follow-up appointment is, please call Sue at 781-279-7040, extension #466.
  • You will need to call for follow-up appointment with therapy before your scheduled follow-up, please call Sue at 781-279-7040, extension #466.

Questions or concerns

  • If you have any questions or concerns either before or after your surgery, please call Sue at 781-279-7040, extension #466 during business hours.
  • If you have any concerns after hours or on weekends, call the office at 781-279-7040 and you will be connected to the on-call physician.