Listening to an Agility Podcast is a great way to learn more about your surgical procedure — or how to keep yourself from needing a surgical procedure. Simply choose any topic below:

Knee Arthroscopy with Christian Andersen, MD

In this 20 minute Podcast, Christian Andersen, MD speaks directly to his patients about what to expect before, during, and after undergoing Knee Arthroscopy. This is an invaluable resource for patients who are preparing for the procedure or going through … Read More

Homes for Our Troops 5K Run with Bill Pennington

This 12 minute Podcast features Bill Pennington, a 20 time Boston Marathon runner and marathon coach to many, speaking about the Homes for Our Troops 5K Run/Walk taking place on April 1, 2012. This event is being organized to raise … Read More

Hip Arthroscopy with Christian Andersen, MD

Do you want to know more about Hip Arthroscopy? Take a moment to listen to this 15 minute Podcast featuring Christian Andersen, MD, a board certified orthopedics Surgeon with Agility Orthopedics. After listening to this Podcast you will have a … Read More

Functional Movement Screens at Athletic Evolution

In this 17 minute Podcast, Alex O’Keefe, the Head Strength Coach at Athletic Evolution, and Trina Hable, the Director of Operations at Athletic Evolution, discuss the use of Functional Movement Screens with athletes as an assessment tool. They describe how … Read More

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