Agility Orthopedics in Everett, MA

Originally part of Charlestown, Everett Massachusetts is a large city that is home to over 40,000 residents, north of Boston. With its close proximity to Agility Orthopedics in Stoneham, MA, we have been helping the residents of Everett get back to the activities they love. Together with our staff, newly renovated physical therapy wing, and state-of-the-art facility, we have the ability to design a personalized treatment plan for any orthopedic ailments and injuries the workers, homeowners, and students might experience.

General Orthopedics

Whether you injured your ACL playing football, pinched your shoulder at work, or have developed carpal tunnel from typing all day at work, our experienced board certified general orthopedic surgeons will perform a string of tests to determine if surgery is an option for you.


Focusing on problems with joints, soft tissues, autoimmune diseases, vasculitis, and connective tissue disorders, Rheumatology focuses on more than 200 diseases that are hard to diagnose and treat. Our Rheumatologists work closely with our orthopedic surgeons and rehabilitation team to ensure our patients get the utmost care and are as comfortable as possible.

If you reside in Everett, MA and want to make an appointment with one of our specialists, please give us a call at (781) 279-7040.