Type II SLAP Arthroscopic Repair

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The rehabilitation guidelines contained in this document have been created and approved by the physicians and rehabilitation staff of Agility Orthopedics. There is an expectation that patients will only be advanced beyond the timelines designated in this document with the written permission of the physician. Also, physicians should be notified immediately if patients are not progressing according to the described timelines.

Weeks 0-2

  • Sling for 4 weeks
  • Elbow/Hand PROM, hand gripping exercises, and pendulum exercises
  • Gentle isometrics for shoulder musculature
  • Passive and gentle shoulder AAROM
  • Flexion to 60 degrees week one then 75 degrees week two
  • Elevation in scapular plane to 60 degrees
  • ER (to 10-15 degrees)/IR (to 45 degrees) with arm in scapular plane
  • No active ER, extension, or abduction
  • No isolated biceps contractions
  • Edema control: Ice and HiVolt as needed, kinesiotaping

Weeks 3-5

  • No active ER, extension, or elevation
  • Initiate rhythmic stabilization drills
  • Initiate proprioception training
  • Continue isometrics
  • Cryotherapy
  • Continue gentle PROM and AAROM
  • Forward flexion allowed to 90 degrees
  • Abduction allowed to 75-85 degrees
  • External rotation in scaption to 25-30 degrees
  • Internal rotation in scaption allowed 55-60 degrees

Weeks 5-6

  • Gradually improve ROM
  • Forward flexion allowed to 145 degrees
  • External rotation in scaption to 45 degrees
  • Internal rotation in scaption allowed to 55-60 degrees
  • May initiate light rotation ROM at 90 degrees abduction
  • May initiate capsular stretching exercises
  • Theraband tubing ER/IR at 0 degrees abduction at Week 6
  • PNF with manual resistance
  • Initiate AROM shoulder abduction with “full can” exercise, prone rowing and prone horizontal abduction