Orthopedic Services in Burlington, MA

A suburban town north of Boston, the town of Burlington, Massachusetts is a rapidly growing community with a flourishing commercial industry. With easy access into the city via Route 128, Burlington has become one of the fastest growing towns in Masachusetts and is known for being the hometown of numerous athletes that have gone on to play in the NFL, NHL, MLB, and even the Olympics. With the close proximity to the state-of-the-art facility in Stoneham, the Agility Orthopedics team has been supporting the athletes and residents of Burlington, Massachusetts for over 20 years.

Sports Medicine

Every athlete needs a commited sports medicine team behind them to keep them feeling and performing their best. When an injury happens, Agility Orthopedics will diagonse, treat, and rehabilitate the ailment. Our team will communicate with any coaches and parents part of your team to keep them informed every step of the way.

Our Sports Medicine Specialists:


Physical therapy and occupational therapy are often the first line of treatment when a patient is experiencing an injury or ailment and are also part of an invidual treatment plan after surgery. OUr experienced team of specialists will work with you to come up with an invidiualized plan to increase range of motion and strengthen neglected muscles after an injury. Along with a series of therapy sessions, our team will assign at home exercises to further improve function. Your recovery process will be heavily influenced by your commitment at home and at in-person sessions.

Our Rehabiliation Team: