Orthopedics in Winchester, MA

A small community located in Middlesex county, Winchester is know for being a large commuter town with most of its residents commuting to the Greater Boston for work. The towns high school, Winchester High School, is considered to be one of the most elite public schools in the Boston area. With a many students involved in extracurricular activities and sports clubs, there is an increasing percentage of sports injuries and ailments among students. Whether physical therapy or surgery is the best course of treatment, our team of well-educated and experienced doctors, nurses, and therapists work closely with our patients to reduce downtime and get them back to their regular routine.

Shoulder Injuries & Ailments

The shoulder has a greater range of motion than any other joint in the body and damage to this joint can be extremely painful. Together our shoulder specialists and physical therapists will wok together with you to craft a unique treatment plant to help your injury heal correctly.

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Sports Medicine

Our dedicated sports medicine team keeps our athletes in top physical form, ensuring a full continuum of care, physicals, and advice along the way. With Winchester being a sports centered town, our team works closely with the community to educate, train, diagnose, and treat injuries.

Meet Our Sports Medicine Team:

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is often the first course of treatment to help treat injuries and ailments and is necessary to help re-train muscles after a surgery. Our highly trained team of physical therapists will work with you during a 30-45 minute session in our newly expanded physical therapy derpartment to help you strengthen neglected muscles and increase range of motion in an injured joint.

An Introduction to Our Physical Therapists: