Meet Your Provider

Christian T. Andersen, MD

Daniel W. Bienkowski, MD

Sohail N. Husain, MD

Sameer O. Kapasi, MD

Erika McPhee, MD

Ashley Rogerson, MD

Abraham T. Shurland, MD

Marie Walcott, MD

Evan J. Zahner, MD

Craig Lehmann, PA-C

Krista Reis, PA-C

Randy Widtfeldt, PA-C

Diane Fiore, OTR/L, CHT

Christy Wright, OTR/L, CHT

James Knowles, DPT

Caitlin Tassone, DPT

Kathleen Bannon, PT

Craig Hansen, PT

Alyssa L. Evans, PTA

Travis Gomes, PTA

Lauren Hromada, PTA, ATC

Julie Robbio, PTA

Maggie MacKillop, PTA

Erica Rotondo, PTA

Andersen Bienkowski Husain Kapasi Mcphee Rogerson shurland walcott zahner lehmann reis walcott fiore wright knowles tassone bannon hansen evans gomes hromada mackillop robbio rotondo

Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy in Malden, MA

Part of Middlesex County, Malden is a large city with the second oldest continuous football rivalry in the United States with Medford, MA. As a big football town, Agility Orthopedics sees a lot of high school aged patients from the area. Our sports medicine, physical therapy, and general orthopedic surgeons work hard to get these students back to feeling their best so they can continue playing the sport they love.

Sports Medicine

When it comes to sports injuries, athletes tend to have a difficult time coping with the downtime and want to get back to their sport as soon as possible. Our innovative technology and digital x-ray machines allow us to properly diagnose an injury and come up with the best course of action to decrease downtime. Our team of skilled doctors are dedicated offering support and to educating athletes on preventing sports related injuries in the future.

Get Educated about Sports Related Injuries:

Physical Therapy

The first step of your rehabilitation process is meeting with a physical therapist to chart out what needs to be worked on and the goals that will be achieved by the end of your physical therapy program. Our therapists will outline a plan to follow over the next handful of weeks followed by 30 to 45-minute sessions with our trained physical therapists.

Meet Our Physical Therapists: